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Major Taylor embroidered patch - 2 styles

Image of Major Taylor embroidered patch - 2 styles

I made a prior version of this infamous Major Taylor patch. It is modeled after the old photograph of Major Taylor in motion. I had actually held back a portion of these patches and was going through my collection and remembered I still had a small limited number left. So here they are...

iron on
hot knife cut border
2.75 inches tall x 3.65 wide
100% embroidery

Using the 100% embroidery and setting up the patch just right, It almost make MT pop out from the design surface. These are truly high quality designs! We're happy to have taken the time and patience to work this design out for everyone to enjoy!

Please note...there are two options. One with Major Taylor's name and one without the name.

The patch is what you are buying...the picture is the comparison and to show the original image used as a model. Pic not included.

Shipping is free in the U.S.
International shipping is available at $3