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Smokey the Bear embroidered patches - many different styles

Image of Smokey the Bear embroidered patches - many different styles

I have several different Smokey the Bear patch look them over and choose your favorites!

Smokey "If not you, Who?" embroidered patch
100% embroidered with hot knife cut and iron on backing.
This patch measures 3.5 inches high.

Smokey says: prevent wildfires embroidered patch
Several different styles had developed over the years with "forest fires" and "wildfires". This patch is modeled after the old tin signs that are often gracing the sides of old state and federal park buildings.
This patch is iron on backing. hot knife cut border.
4 inches wide. I kept this at 4 inches with the twill base and the old style look. I debated about increasing the width to clear up the face but...nah. It looks old school and I rolled with it.

Help Smokey Prevent Forest Fires embroidered patch
This patch mixes a bit of old and new. I kept the clarity of his facial features and added a touch of Merrow border with white twill outer ring base and the newer, more frequently noted saying...Prevent forest fires.
iron on backing with Merrow border
2.7 inches diameter.

Prevent Forest Fires embroidered patch.
This simple yellow sporting Smokey's image and an important message.
This patch is hot knife cut border with iron on backing.
100% embroidery
2.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Simply Smokey embroidered patch
hot knife cut, beautiful design that resemble a pop cap look.
iron on backing
2.7 inches diameter

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USPS first class with tracking is $3.75
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What to know about these patches? Top quality only for'll love them!