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Bull and Spike hip packs - high quality Made in the USA

Image of Bull and Spike hip packs - high quality Made in the USA

"Bull" bag"
measures 12 inches wide x 4 inches deep x about 7 inches high.

"Spike" bag
measures 9 inches wide x 6 inches high x 2.5 inches deep.

Email for inquiries for these packs. Currently we have only one remaining but access to immediately providing orders.

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some features:
The large front pocket for quick access to wallet, sunscreen, chapstick, and other useful items. A horizontal daisy chain spans the front of pack for attaching lights, etc. The elastic keeper loops on the waist strap keep the pack streamline when in use. Mess back panel keeps your back cool. Nicely molded foam gives the pack a comfortable cushion between pack and back. High quality zippers x 2 pockets. side compression straps with metal molded buckles. Cordura 1000 material.

colors are as pictured currently on this listing and each pack will have a touch of uniqueness. Look over the picture and read below. You'll be able to clearly identify the colors associated with FCO characters. These exact colors can be remade if one desires, just shoot a message off if they are not in stock.

Spike bag -Trooper is the Rasta bag...Trooper was my boxer beagle mix...crazy in breed and action and the name would fit him perfectly. RIP Troops...this bag's for you.

Spike bag -The pink and purple with teal blue is the Sage colors for this mini bag and named such after my elegant lady German Shepard. RIP've left a lovely legacy of beauty and charm. Sold....if you like those colors on that middle pack. Let me know and we can get you hooked up with one.

Bull bag - Acorn is the color and we shall save that for a future story. with Olive and hunter green mix, it's truly an earthy feel.

Bull bag - Tarzan camo/green mixed colors.

Why the name? We're located in Pennsylvania with a healthy Elk population within a short distance, and a few have ventured up in our direction within sight of our home and workshop. FCO has a cycling Elk as our logo and now, we've introduced the Creekside Collection featuring some awesome names and colors. Bull is the name for a Bull Elk...a mature, fully grown beautiful animal. Spike is the term for a yearling or young male Elk.