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Camping Lantern embroidered patch - green patch

Image of Camping Lantern embroidered patch - green patch

Camping Lantern embroidered patch!

Green camping lantern - iron on backing
The green camping lantern design has green felt base. It is a very awesome experience to see the mix of embroidery on thread and then thread on felt in the same patch! These are very slick!
All designs measure 2.75 inches high

These patches were designed to represent a older, more traditional patch styles, and they represent an old style camping lantern that we all loved when growing up and camping! Well...most of us.

WHAT...a new FCO lantern patch? were done by my daughter, Emma Jayne, and she always uses her apps to make me designs and I liked this one with the colors that she used. So here it is...Thanks EJ! This patch is 3 inches high and iron on backing. So this is the FCO scenic lantern patch.
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