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Paw patch Merit badge or Tent Merit badge or...both!

Image of Paw patch Merit badge or Tent Merit badge or...both!

Back to basics!

The Paw patch Merit badge has to be earned...some folks earned one by supporting our Harvey patch ( read our Harvey update below). Circumstances stepped in and we had an unplanned release of this design earlier than expected. But now it's out there and we hope others will earn it as well. Watch our instagram account at for a chance to win one periodically and win other outdoor merit badges. We want to get people involved with the outdoors. We want them to enjoy what nature has to offer and appreciate the small stuff. Do you hike with your pup? Bike with your pup? Do you walk, kayak, go running, do you involve your pup in all your outdoor cheer! Then you deserve to get yourself a Paw Merit badge and display it. Show that you enjoy getting outdoors and having fun with your hound.

Maybe this is the Merit badge for your dog's kerchief, or a gift. Just know that when you purchase a Paw patch Merit badge, you are sending a dollar to our local humane society (no kill animal shelter) to help support further feline and canine friends.

OR WAIT! Have you gone camping in a tent with your pup? Then you've killed 2 Merit badges with one trip! See the Paw and Tent option below.

The Paw patch is 1.75 inches
100% embroidery
iron on backing.

The tent patch is approx 1.3 inches round
100% embroidery
iron on backing

UPDATE: September 10th, 2017
We thank you for your support and the crew at FCO wishes to inform everyone that supported the Hurricane Harvey patch promotion that we were able to send off 2 separate checks at this point. The first check for $375 was sent out to Austin Pets Alive. A 2nd check was sent out to the Houston area humane society for $475. We have further funds at $130 that we will be sending out this week. Every one has made this a huge success. To think that within days or a week, a small group of like minded people were able to come together and raise funds...Amazing!

We have further decided to move onto our patch release of the Paw Merit badge as originally planned and we wish to inform everyone that a dollar out of every sale with go to our local Gateway Humane Society in Falls Creek, Pa which is where I got Timber son and pup whom we rescued in December of 2015. We've always been pleased with the outstanding efforts and care at the facility and we look forward to being able to continue to contribute locally as well.

Thank you for all your support!